The Acheson Group, LLC (TAG), led by Dr. David Acheson, is a strategic consulting  firm for food and beverage companies and those providing technical support to the food industry. With a focus on strategic risk management, TAG provides the latest food safety consulting insights in a global environment in providing Operational Risk management, Reputational risk management, and Regulatory Risk services—all with the goal of achieving brand protection. TAG works with all supply chain segments, from farm to manufacturers, retail and food services providers – domestic and foreign – all focused on providing first rate services in a cost- conscious environment.


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In Testing: Positive Trumps Negative Every Time

Although a negative test result for pathogens is, of course, a good thing, it does not, by definition, mean that your product is safe. It simply means that there were no pathogens found in that sample. To understand what that means in terms of food safety, one has to look at the sampling strategy, the validity of the test used in that food matrix, and the competence of the laboratory doing the test


FDA and GMA Take Action to Increase Oversight on Food Ingredients

If the future of food safety is reliant on proactive action by industry’s private and public sectors, last week’s initiatives by the FDA and the Grocery Manufacturing Association (GMA) bode well for this future. Although their actions were unrelated, both applied to the evaluation and assessment of the safety of food components, with GMA’s focused on GRAS and FDA’s on chemicals.


How Will The Rise of Whole Genome Sequencing Impact the Industry?

Since FDA’s use of whole genome sequencing (WGS) to link Roos Foods’ cheese products to a national outbreak strain of Listeria monocytogenes, this cutting-edge technology has become a topic of industry and government presentations and discussions at numerous venues.


Is FDA Stepping Up or Overstepping Its Authority?

In the recent injunction against S. Serra Cheese Company, FDA is proving to be stepping up its game and asserting enhanced authority. However, it’s coming in ways that some may consider to be somewhat controversial – imposing harsher consequences on incidents of lesser hazard.