The Acheson Group, LLC (TAG), led by Dr. David Acheson, is a strategic consulting  firm for food and beverage companies and those providing technical support to the food industry. With a focus on strategic risk management, TAG provides the latest food safety consulting insights in a global environment in providing Operational Risk management, Reputational risk management, and Regulatory Risk services—all with the goal of achieving brand protection. TAG works with all supply chain segments, from farm to manufacturers, retail and food services providers – domestic and foreign – all focused on providing first rate services in a cost- conscious environment.

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Are the Big Ships FSIS and FDA Slowly Steering Toward Alignment?

Did you notice the FSMA feel of FSIS’ newly released affirmation of the RTE Lm Control interim final rule and April publication of HACCP systems validation guidelines? We sure did, and it leads us to be optimistic that the big ships FDA and FSIS are gradually moving toward – if not a single agency – at least a fundamental alignment. When the two FSIS publications are considered alongside the FDA’s proposed Human Foods Preventive controls rule, we see the emergence of similar themes.


FDA Declares PHOs To Be Non-GRAS Food Additives

In the Federal Register Declaratory Order Notice of June 17, “Final Determination Regarding Partially Hydrogenated Oils,” FDA has taken a firm stance on trans fat, determining that there is no longer a consensus among qualified experts that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) are GRAS. Thus, the order redefines PHOs – the primary dietary source of industrially-produced trans fatty

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Expedite Import Entry in 5 “Simple” Steps

Would you like to expedite the FDA review and importation of your foods/ingredients? With the Agency’s publication of draft guidance for FSMA’s Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (VQIP), and a projected start date of October 1, 2018 (with applications accepted January 2018), industry is a step closer to attaining those benefits.


Food Safety Is Changing in China

Last week I had a unique opportunity to attend and speak at a “Global Food Safety Summit” in Shanghai, China. While there were many excellent talks focused on controlling supply chain risks, one of the speakers was the Associate Commissioner at the Shanghai FDA. Some of the comments that he made struck a chord with me in a way that got my creative juices flowing and made me want so share some of the things he said with our readers.