The Acheson Group, LLC (TAG), led by Dr. David Acheson, is a strategic consulting  firm for food and beverage companies and those providing technical support to the food industry. With a focus on strategic risk management, TAG provides the latest food safety consulting insights in a global environment in providing Operational Risk management, Reputational risk management, and Regulatory Risk services—all with the goal of achieving brand protection. TAG works with all supply chain segments, from farm to manufacturers, retail and food services providers – domestic and foreign – all focused on providing first rate services in a cost- conscious environment.

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What’s the Real Story behind the Cumin Peanut-Allergen Recalls?

FDA and FSIS are continuing to issue undeclared nut allergen recall notices on cumin-containing products, and just last week, FDA added a Consumer Advisory notice as well. But, besides that, we’re not hearing much about the situation or FDA investigation. So we have to ask: Why have we not heard more and what exactly is

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Lawsuits: A Food Safety Help or Hindrance?

This likely will not come as a shock to anyone — or need a statistic to substantiate this next statement. According to the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR), the United States is the most litigious country in the world, imposing a tort cost of around a quarter of a trillion dollars each year.

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Public/Private Consortiums: The way of the future?

DNA/RNA testing and partnering for food protection seems to be on the rise in relation to both food safety and food fraud, with one of the most recent coming by way of an announcement of a new consortium seeking to address challenges in the food industry that have not been solved by traditional approaches. Developed

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A Single Food Safety Administration: Good, Bad or Impossible?

This week we pose a close relative of the same question, based again on political recommendations: Create a single Food Safety Agency. Sure … but how? Once again, I am in agreement with the general concept;