The Acheson Group, LLC (TAG), led by Dr. David Acheson, is a strategic consulting  firm for food and beverage companies and those providing technical support to the food industry. With a focus on strategic risk management, TAG provides the latest food safety consulting insights in a global environment in providing Operational Risk management, Reputational risk management, and Regulatory Risk services—all with the goal of achieving brand protection. TAG works with all supply chain segments, from farm to manufacturers, retail and food services providers – domestic and foreign – all focused on providing first rate services in a cost- conscious environment.

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Increase FDA Inspections of High-Risk Facilities? Sure … but how?

When a food facility’s FDA inspection results in a warning letter, should that facility be designated a High-Risk Facility and be subject to increased inspections? If FDA were to follow the recommendations of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), that is exactly what would happen.


Can a Top-Level Federal Food Safety Assessment Really Be Accurate?

Historically the FDA and FSIS have not been really cooperative when it comes to food safety.  Each Agency has a separate funding stream and is under separate departments, and, in a variety of ways, they are inherently competitive. While this may seem like a platform statement for a missive on a single food safety agency,

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Your Product May Be at Higher Risk than You Suspect

Pathogens and allergens are showing up in the most unexpected places. From Listeria monocytogenes in caramel apples to peanut and almond allergens in ground cumin, it is becoming increasingly apparent that low risk in no way means no risk; economically motivated adulteration may occur more often than suspected; and sanitation and traceability are critical for

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Our 2015 Prophesy: A Busy Regulatory Year Across the Food Industry

Ever since the dawning of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in January 2011, regulatory action has held major significance – and concern – for those in the food supply chain, foreign and domestic. With some of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) FSMA rules finally coming to fruition – and USDA Food Safety Inspection

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