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Exploring 10 Imperatives of Crisis Survival

October 14, 2021. QA Magazine. TAG Founder and CEO David Acheson discusses effective leadership as an essential aspect of a successful business, realizing that it can be extremely difficult when one is faced with the unknowns of a recall crisis. [Read the article.]

Building Your Food Safety Culture: From Recall Prevention to Best Manufacturing Practices

September 10, 2021. ProFood World. TAG Senior Director for Food Safety and Supply Chain Risk Management Liliana Casal-Wardle participates in a discussion on the need for food manufacturers to focus on physical contaminant elimination, improving practices, and developing a culture of food safety with buy-in from all staff levels in ordert to pass inspections and prevent recalls. In the video and transcription, Casal-Wardle discusses what Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) auditors look for during audits. [Read the article.]

National Food Safety Education Month is a Chance to Spread the Food Safety Message

September 3, 2021. QA Magazine – To commemorate National Food Safety Education month, we reached out to food safety industry insiders, advisory board members and others – including TAG Director of Communications Lisa Lupo – to get some takes on why consumer education is important. Read Lisa’s take on why the food industry needs to educate its consumers. [Read the article.]

COVID Protections Can Benefit Workers Long-Term

August 11, 2021. QA Magazine – How a Workplace Communicable Disease Plan can protect your business and employees.  With the Delta variant causing increased issues and the flu season soon approaching, there is a strong rationale for maintaining some of your pandemic protections — and for developing a Workplace Communicable Disease Plan. A Workplace Communicable Disease Plan is a customized set of standards designed to protect a business’ workers from the spread of airborne- and fomite-transmissible diseases in the workplace, thereby protecting the business itself. [Read more]

How to Turn Recall Crisis into a Normal Business Process: Webinar Key Takeaways

August 9, 2021. NGA – Making recalls a normal business process and turning crises into confidence to alleviate the inconvenience and pain of recalls that flows down the supply chain to land squarely in retailers’ laps was the key topic of a webinar panel that included TAG President and CEO Dr David Acheson. Read the NGA summary of the webinar, including key takeaways or view the webinar (login required).

Dr. David Acheson Discusses Why He Is “Not a Fan of a Mandated Vaccine”

August 9, 2021. QA Magazine – TAG founder and CEO Dr. David Acheson talks with Quality Assurance and Food Safety magazine about the recent wave of vaccine mandates from some companies, and why he personally and professionally believes that the decision to be vaccinated – or not – should be left up to the individual. But that doesn’t mean that corporations that make those decisions are wrong, because they’re looking at it from a bigger picture. “It’s a very tricky line,” he said. “And it’s extraordinarily complicated to try to get it right.” [Read the story]

Dr. Ruth Petran Assumes Presidency of IAFP

August 2, 2021. IAFP – Dr. Ruth Petran, Senior Food Safety Advisor for TAG and Founder of Ruth Petran Consulting, LLC in Eagan, Minn., has assumed the presidency of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) at the conclusion of IAFP 2021.  She retired in 2020 as RD&E Senior Corporate Scientist and Vice President of Food Safety and Public Health at Ecolab in Eagan. [Read more]

CBD: Why Lack of Regulation in the US Makes Things Complicated

July 14, 2021. Global Food Safety Resources (GFSR) – In a new article from GFSR, TAG Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Cameron Prince, Senior Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Ben Miller, and Food Safety Director Eric Edmunds are cited in a discussion of where CBD products fall in federal and state regulations. [Read more]

Supplier Management Compliance: Best Practices for Food Companies

June 23, 2021. SafetyChain – TAG President & CEO David Acheson, provides insights on the inherent risks of the supply chain, explaining that it doesn’t matter if you have five or five thousand suppliers – some ingredients will always be riskier than others. [Read more]

Top Takeaways from FDA Report on Recurring E. Coli Outbreaks

May 20, 2021. Food Quality & Safety Magazine – TAG’s Ben Miller, MPH, PhD, senior director of scientific and regulatory affairs, provides perspectives on FDA’s updated Leafy Greens STEC Action Plan (LGAP). [Read more]

Influence of Sanitation on Public Health

April 27, 2021. Food Safety Magazine – TAG Senior Advisor for Food Safety Dr. Ruth Petran discusses translating technical information into practical applications and her life-long interest in public health in an episode of the Food Safety Matters podcast. [Read more]

Don’t Get 483’d for Your FSVP: A Guide to FSMA Compliance for Importers

April 26, 2021. SafetyChain –  TAG Food Safety Associate Dr. Lily Lang and Director of Food Safety Christopher Snabes provide a refresher of the FSVP Rule and review some of the main reasons for receiving a 483 so that you maintain compliance and stay audit-ready. [Read more]

Variants, Vaccines, Vectors — and Advice

April 13, 2021. QA Magazine – In his Legislative Updates column, Dr. David Acheson offers advice to the food industry on how to navigate what might be next in the fight with COVID-19. [Read more]

Inside the Intentional Adulteration Rule

April 13, 2021. QA Magazine – FSMA’s food defense or intentional adulteration rule is meant to protect the nation’s food supply from someone on the inside looking to do harm on a massive scale, as discussed by TAG Director of Food Safety Christopher Snabes. [Read more]

TAG helps businesses “Build Bridges to Better Health”

April 13, 2021. The National Provisioner – In line with the 2021 theme of National Public Health Week (April 5-9), The Acheson Group (TAG) is “Building Bridges to Better Health” with its new Public Health Service – through which TAG assists businesses in building their own bridges to the better health of their employees. [Read more]

TAG Announces New Public Health Service for Businesses Managing Crises

April 8, 2021. QA Magazine – The Acheson Group’s (TAG) new program aims to assist businesses in preparing for — and managing — public health crises.  [Read more]

Building a Food Safety Culture: Empowerment to the People

April 6, 2021. ProFood World – During a recent webinar, Liliana Casal-Wardle, senior director for food safety and supply chain risk management at The Acheson Group (TAG), discussed the 10-year strategy from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to enhance the capabilities of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) through its New Era of Smarter Food Safety program. Casal-Wardle reviewed the four core elements of the FDA’s new strategy. [Read more]

Allergens in the crosshairs

March 23, 2021. Food Business News – David Acheson, MD, founder of the Acheson Group (TAG), said of the FASTER Act, “As major legislation in and of itself, the pending act is also indicative of the increased food regulation and enforcement that TAG sees as becoming a hallmark of 2021.” [Read more]

Navigating Covid Complexity in 2021 to Stay Resilient

March 8, 2021. SafetyChain – As we enter 2021, Food & Beverage, CPG, and other manufacturers can see a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Yet, we’re still very much in the tunnel, and it’s important for decision makers to pay close attention to the situation as it changes rapidly. Here’s a closer look at where we are now, and what we might expect as we progress through the coming year. [Read More]