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The Facts about Marburg and Candida auris

Two emerging infectious diseases have been in the news in recent weeks. While both have some potential for infecting workers, Marburg is primarily being seen in African Nations and Candida auris is of greatest threat to those with weakened immune systems.

Following are some general insights on each of these diseases, with more information available on TAG’s disease-specific Fact Sheets.

  • Marburg virus disease (MVD), a rare but severe hemorrhagic fever, related to Ebola, which affects both people and non-human primates (CDC). Sporadic cases have occurred in sub-Saharan Africa, transmitted from infectious fruit bats, primates, or people who are sick via contact with their body fluids.
  • Candida auris, a deadly fungal infection that is hard to treat because it is often resistant to the common antifungal drugs used to treat infections. Though it is spreading through the US, it is not considered to be a threat to healthy people, but it is global public health concern as a cause of healthcare-associated infections (CDC).
  • Recommended Precautions: For both diseases, proper prevention and control measures include hand hygiene, protective equipment, avoiding contact with body fluids, and surface disinfection.

For more information on these and other infectious diseases, see TAG’s Infectious Disease Fact Sheets and give us a call for workplace recommendations and assistance.

COVID Risk Matrix:


  • Influenza. Although cases of flu in India have been lower recently, there may be signs that they are starting to rise. The China CDC reports that Influenza-like cases in sentinel hospitals across the country have dropped for the first time in five weeks, and the positive rate of influenza in northern provinces is decreasing.
  • Measles. Cases of measles in South Africa are finally starting to decrease. The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about the rise in measles cases in Libya, especially in the municipalities of the south and west. In epidemiological weeks 1 to 9, the National Center for Disease Control reported that 93 of 391 suspected measles cases had been confirmed.
  • Tuberculosis. After declines in reported incidence in TB through the pandemic, incidence is increasing in the US and England. Nigeria is one of the nations in the world with the highest rates of tuberculosis. At least 157,009 Nigerians die of TB each year, and most of them are between the ages of 15 and 34. The lack of funding for prevention is blamed.
  • Norovirus. A school in England is closed due to norovirus cases. Cases overall are higher this year than in recent years.
  • Five polio cases were reported in African countries last week, all involving vaccine-derived strains.

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