Virtual Support

Not all of the services TAG provides require onsite engagement – so we have expanded our virtual offerings to enable remote services as well.

Why Choose TAG
The TAG team has years of experience helping companies develop and apply processes to understand their food safety risks and implement controls through onsite and desktop reviews. And we can now bring that same expertise to you through our virtual support network and tools.
What We Offer
The worldwide food supply expertise and guidance the TAG’s clients have long valued is now available remotely as well as onsite. Having access to remote, virtual technology and service options is critical in today’s unprecedented food safety and business environment, but such technology can be complex. TAG has the solution.

Join TAG Founder & CEO Dr. David Acheson in a collection of conversations on the current issues and events of the ever-changing worlds of food safety and public health.

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TAGin Virtual Support Services include:

Utilizing our new, innovative smart glass technology—TAGin, we can provide an exclusive virtual assessment in real-time, hands-free communication from any location. With TAGin’s secure, browser-operated portal, hands-free, two-way audio and visual display, TAG has the ability to assess your unique situation, address gaps, and deploy best practices. This interactive tool also allows multiple attendees to participate, and it can record and capture ages.

TAG will devise a realistic – tailored recall and crisis simulation scenario to help your company test the established plan, including the associated people, processes, and systems. This simulation exercise is designed to expose potential gaps in the current process or systems and builds awareness and confidence with recall and crisis management roles, responsibilities and procedures. Schedule a recall simulation.

TAG can provide a document review of your choice and review it through our enterprise risk management lens and provide the following considerations in the final deliverables:

  • Identify Gaps/Risks
  • Recommend Solutions
  • Determine Suggested Priorities
  • Suggest Ways to Leverage Technology
  • Suggest helpful checklists, templates, logs, etc.

Looking to enhance your company’s knowledge on a subject such as FSMA Readiness, Supply Chain Management or Food Defense? You name the topic and TAG will develop customized training content and facilitate a webinar training for your company. These webinars generally run a total of 1.5 hours, with approximately 1 hour in informational content, and the remaining 30 minutes reserved for Question & Answer to further address any remaining inquiries. Schedule a webinar today!

Whether it be a recall plan, food defense or FSVP, TAG can assist in the development of a plan you are in need of. TAG will work with your company remotely to ensure you are on the right track to develop and implement the plan of your choice. We will review all related documentation such as, flow diagrams, hazard analysis, and critical control points and confirm that other key components of the desired plan such as verification and reassessment are also being implemented.

By working with TAG, your company will have access to our world-class team of food safety experts, support staff and network. Clients who work with TAG on a retainer have the opportunity to reach out to TAG for advice and as unforeseen issues surface 24/7. Should a potential crisis or recall situation arise, TAG will assist your company with managing the situation to assist in mitigating any further loss. Request a retainer package.

Partner With The Leading Food Safety And Public Health Consultant Team.