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Prevention of intentional adulteration (IA) is an imperative component of your overall food protection strategy.  The TAG team is well versed in intentional adulteration and food defense best practices, regulatory and non-regulatory protocols based on our extensive work with customers throughout the food supply chain, along with our active involvement with regulatory and non-regulatory organizations. TAG Food Defense Service Offerings Our IA and Food Defense service offerings help our customers identify vulnerabilities and implement effective mitigation strategies. Strategies that will ensure FSMA readiness – and more importantly, help prevent acts intended to cause wide-scale harm to public health. Food Defense Vulnerability Assessment (Onsite)
TAG’s food defense onsite assessment is designed to determine what aspects of your food manufacturing operation are at higher risk of deliberate attacks. As part of this food defense assessment, TAG provides a report of identified significant vulnerabilities plus recommended cost-effective mitigation strategies to enhance regulatory alignment and mitigate risk to your product and your brand. Food Defense Plan Review (Remote or Onsite)
Using TAG’s proprietary Food Defense Plan Builder Tool, we provide a desktop review of your Food Defense Plan to assess gaps relative to regulatory standards and best practices.  Onsite visits also include identifying more robust approaches to preventing intentional adulteration, along with recommended cost-effective mitigation strategies to protect your product and your brand. Onsite:  Site Penetration Assessments (Onsite)
Valuable insights from TAG’s Site Penetration Assessments have helped our clients optimize existing food defense practices that were previously thought to be sufficient!  Designed to test food defense systems, TAG’s site penetration assessment includes a discreet plant visit with attempts to penetrate the interior of your facility and gain access to your most vulnerable process steps. TAG then provides a detailed report with recommended actions to prevent access to your operations. Remote or Onsite:  Food Defense Training
TAG provides onsite or remote food defense and food fraud trainings to meet organizational objectives and target audiences. Topics range from providing general awareness to all employees, to addressing more in-depth elements with supervisors, and covering role-specific concerns throughout the plant. TAG also offers customized trainings relevant to your organization. ​ FSMA Food Defense Rule – the Countdown is On! By July 26, 2019, companies impacted by the FSMA Intentional Adulteration (IA) rule must be compliant. Ensuring FSMA compliance is a key component of our food defense service offerings. Learn more about TAG’s FSMA services. About The Acheson Group (TAG) Led by Former FDA Associate Commissioner for Foods Dr. David Acheson, TAG is a food safety consulting group that provides guidance and expertise worldwide for companies throughout the food supply chain. With in-depth industry knowledge combined with real-world experience, TAG’s team of food safety experts help companies more effectively mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies, and ensure regulatory and standards compliance. Interested in TAG’s Food Defense Service Offerings? Contact TAG today!


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