Hygienic Design

It is critical that the food facility structure and processing equipment meet hygienic and sanitary design standards to prevent food-safety risks.

Why Choose TAG
TAG can help reduce your food safety risks, decrease sanitation cycle-time, and increase your processing run-time through a thorough assessment or training. We will assist in the incorporation of sound hygienic/sanitary design principles of your plant and/or equipment.
What We Offer
TAG will collaborate with your internal team, supplier, or third-party firm to ensure hygienic design is addressed in your construction or equipment. We can provide an assessment, training, guidance, or direct engagement for projects, purchases, or ongoing expertise.

Join TAG Founder & CEO Dr. David Acheson in a collection of conversations on the current issues and events of the ever-changing worlds of food safety and public health.

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TAG Hygienic Design Services include:

TAG can collaborate directly with your internal project teams, equipment suppliers, or third-party contract engineering firms to ensure your new construction or equipment purchase is cleanable to a microbiological level as required by Sanitary Design Standards.

TAG can offer a variety of options for the training of your internal management or project team(s) on hygienic design. These include:
· Virtual webinars on hygienic or sanitary design awareness.
· On-site education presenting a half or full day training seminar.

For new construction from greenfield design through completion to renovations, modifications, or structural additions, TAG will work with your team on design reviews and assessments to incorporate standards-based hygienic design and mitigate food safety risk.

Whether you are seeking to reduce risk in current equipment or a new purchase, TAG will assess the design and provide detailed recommendations for improvement. We can assist in the selection of new equipment or engage directly with the suppliers on hygienic design requirements.

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