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TAG was delighted to participate in the Food Protection and Defense Institute’s annual Food Defense Conference that took place in Minneapolis from May 22-24th.  TAG subject matter experts in food defense and food fraud Rolando Gonzalez, PhD, and Christopher Snabes, MS, attended this informative conference where they joined 120+ colleagues from 59 companies and six countries to discuss and learn from each other on how to prevent deliberate attacks to our food supply. Representatives from government, industry and academia provided the latest updates regarding FSMA’s Intentional Adulteration Rule, examined several case studies that reflect the criticality of preparedness and response plans, and described multiple tools available to manage your intentional contamination and food fraud prevention efforts. Interested in learning more about the food protection topics discussed at this event? Want to learn more about how the TAG team can assist your company in with food fraud and defense?  Contact us today! About The Acheson Group (TAG) Led by Former FDA Associate Commissioner for Foods Dr. David Acheson, TAG is a food safety consulting group that provides guidance and expertise worldwide for companies throughout the food supply chain. With in-depth industry knowledge combined with real-world experience, TAG’s team of food safety experts help companies more effectively mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies, and ensure regulatory and standards compliance.


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