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Through its innovative protein-product services, TAG is helping the industry transform from within by working with traditional meat companies that are looking to re-brand as protein companies, while also providing services to food companies that operate solely in the plant- or cell-based segments of the food industry. Following are current news and information articles from around the industry – and around the world – to help keep you updated on this ever-evolving industry segment. Just in today (May 31st)! “KFC looking into adding plant-based chicken alongside fried chicken on its American menu.” Last week the major headlines were “World’s largest meat company debuts vegan burger in Brazil.” https://www.drovers.com/article/jbs-launch-plant-based-burger-brazil https://vegnews.com/2019/5/worlds-largest-meat-company-jbs-debuts-vegan-burger-in-brazil https://www.gfi.org/jbs-launching-plant-based-burger-in-brazil https://www.wattagnet.com/articles/37818-jbs-launches-plant-based-protein-product “Impossible Whopper boosted Burger King traffic by 18%, report says.” (May 28) For current news and information on this evolving industry segment, visit the TAG Innovative Protein Services Page.