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To develop and implement effective food safety processes and practices, it is necessary to understand the root causes of potential food contamination and foodborne-illness outbreaks. But, too often, just as we think we are getting it figured

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By: Christopher Snabes, TAG Director, Food Safety and IAVA-FDQI Lead Instructor In July, FDA announced that it would be resuming on-site, prioritized food facility inspections. The inspections would be based on a COVID-19 Advisory Rating system, which

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By Christopher SnabesWhile FDA food facilities inspections are still on hold due to the pandemic, the agency is continuing to plan for and the reinstitution of inspections. The latest announcement was that routine inspections of small businesses

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FDA has published its New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint, originally intended for publication in March 2020; but, delayed due to the pandemic. According to FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, M.D., the blueprint has been “propelled” into

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State regulations banning cages for egg-laying chickens seem to be picking up steam. Early this month, Colorado became the sixth state to require the production and/or sale of only cage-free eggs. The Colorado legislation requiring that all

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The USDA estimates that 10% of hired farmworkers are foreign nationals employed on temporary work visas under the H-2A agricultural workers program. But this percentage is much higher for many farms during harvest. Additionally, as these workers

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As we are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the number of routine inspections being conducted by FDA. But the Agency has made it very clear that “For Cause” inspections will continue

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While experts’ understanding and knowledge of COVID-19 has continued to evolve and expand, there are some factors that have been long acknowledged. Two of these are: 1. The virus can live on surfaces for a short period

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In TAG’s May 2020 FSMA Fridays webinar, TAG President and CEO Dr. David Acheson MD and Senior Director, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Dr. Ben Miller, Ph.D., MPH discussed Responsibly Reopening and Rebounding from COVID-19. Following is an

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Although FDA food facilities inspections are still largely suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FDA has notified states that they can begin to conduct Produce Safety Rule (PSR) inspections on farms, following their state’s, and any federal,