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FDA: E. coli in Leafy Greens is a “Reasonably Foreseeable Hazard.” Does This Change Anything? As many of those reading this newsletter are aware, FDA has done a lot of sampling around produce operations in the last

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RFR Reporting: Navigating the Shades of Gray Since 2009, industry has faced requirements to report certain food contaminations to FDA’s Reportable Food Registry (RFR). Despite the decade of its existence, the requirements of reporting to the RFR,

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How Does the PC Rule Relate to Heavy Metal Levels in Baby Food? When this report was publicized several weeks ago it had an inflammatory tone to it that I felt would continue to burn for a

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Increased Regulation Likely to Be a Hallmark of 2021 Last week, the Senate unanimously passed the Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education and Research (FASTER) Act, S. 578. The Act, if passed by the House and signed by

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Analysis of FDA Top Observations Provides Additional Perspective. Is Your FSVP Compliant – If Not Watch Out! During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is evident that FDA has done its best to maintain an appropriate inspection and oversight

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A New Administration: The Food Regulatory Impact The new administration is officially onboard and moving initiatives forward at a brisk pace. What might that mean for the food industry and the actions of its regulatory bodies?  Past

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Even while extending the comment period for the proposed Traceability Rule and its Food Traceability List (FTL), FDA has already made some clarifying edits and acted on comments and questions received at a public meeting. Comment Period.

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Early this year, FDA began increasing FSVP inspections and issuing 483s and Warning Letters (as we discussed in a newsletter). Then the pandemic hit, and FDA issued a statement that it would temporarily not enforce FSMA requirements

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How up to date are you with FDA regulations? If quizzed, could you define FTL, CTE, and KDE? If not, the October TAG/SafetyChain FSMA Friday webinar, presented by TAG Director of Food Safety Eric Edmunds, JD, is

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