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Baby Food Report Puts Heavy Metals Back on the Radar Screen for Entire Food Industry A recent Congressional Report focusing on heavy metals in baby foods has created concern amongst parents of young children and triggered legal

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The world has been dealing with COVID-19 for nearly a year. While there seems to be a light wavering ahead with vaccines beginning to roll out, cases continue to surge around the world, impacting personal health and

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Whether caused by a keener focus on sanitation and food safety – or, as postulated by FSN, a diversion of public health professionals to the pandemic or ill people not seeking medical attention and testing in possible

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Last week, the FDA issued a new tool intended to more quickly and frequently communicate foodborne illness outbreak information – prior to the issuance of a public health advisory or recall. The new Coordinated Outbreak Response and

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the food industry has seen lower than normal rates of recalls. While the reasons for this likely vary – from lack of regulatory oversight to increased sanitation in the facilities, there

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Microbial contaminants in flour is not a new issue and continue to cause consternation for millers and suppliers of flour. A recent report from Germany will likely put this issue back in the spotlight and again illustrate

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By: Christopher Snabes, TAG Director, Food Safety and IAVA-FDQI Lead Instructor In July, FDA announced that it would be resuming on-site, prioritized food facility inspections. The inspections would be based on a COVID-19 Advisory Rating system, which