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What do pistachios, cantaloupe, granola, sprouts, raw meal and flax powder have in common? These diverse foods were all implicated as sources of Salmonella contamination subject to recall – just within the last week. If we add on

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Historically, consumers have made food-purchasing decisions based on traditional value drivers: taste, price, and convenience. While these continue to be important, a new report, Capitalizing on the shifting consumer food value equation from Deloitte Consulting in collaboration with the

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In finalizing its new federal standards to reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry, USDA announced that it will begin posting information online about individual companies’ food safety performance. The standards, along with the updating of the USDA FSIS microbial testing schedules at

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Media Advisory FSMA survey designed to assess how ready the food industry is for FSMA and the impact preparing for FSMA compliance is having on companies. San Rafael, CA – February 8, 2016 – SafetyChain Software, leaders

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The question is often asked around whether FSMA will make a difference?  Will FSMA reduce the likelihood of outbreaks or recalls and overall protect public health?  My answer to this is that, in time, I believe it

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I often get asked whether retail and food service is the next big area for federal food safety regulations to change. My answer is that in the short term – no. However, I do think we will

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Retailers who issue loyalty cards may be soon finding out if they hold notification responsibility when loyalty card customers purchase items that are subsequently recalled. It’s been nearly five years since the March 2011 filing of the

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On the last day of 2015 FDA issued a new packaging rule, amending the food additive regulations to no longer provide for the use of three specific perfluoroalkyl ethyl containing food-contact substances (FCSs) as oil and water

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Even as FSMA becomes more real and food facilities are preparing for increased depth of investigations by FDA, it seems that there are other agencies with whom industry needs to be just as concerned and prepared. Namely:

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Last week we brought you an overview of our Top 10 food safety events of 2015. To follow on that, this week, we bring you our food safety predictions for 2016. In compiling these, we found that they