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As the food supply continues to become ever more global, a number of the world’s governments are gradually working to make their borders easier to cross, with last week’s System Recognition between the food safety agencies of the

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In the publishing of its final guidance on the menu labeling final rule, FDA has added some significant information from that published in the draft guidance, including new or revised questions and answers, additional examples, and focus

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Another FSMA final rule was published last week: The Whistleblower Act (or more precisely: Procedures for Handling Retaliation Complaints Under Section 402 of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act). If you didn’t realize this was part of FSMA,

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With 6 of the 7 rules of FSMA now published, we’re sure that all you food facilities are actively and diligently working toward compliance. No? You say you’re actually scrambling to figure out how to comply? Rest assured, you’re not alone.

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Last week FDA issued the final rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food, establishing requirements for shippers, loaders, motor/rail-vehicle carriers, and receivers to use sanitary transportation practices to ensure the safety of the food (for humans

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In our December 30, 2015, newsletter, we made our food safety predictions for 2016. That prediction was “More.” That is: more FSMA focus, more labeling issues, more recalls, more focus on Salmonella as an adulterant, more advancement in norovirus detection

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With many sectors of the food industry already taking steps to reduce acrylamide levels, FDA issued final guidance last week for growers, manufacturers and food service operators to help reduce acrylamide in certain foods. To provide a bit of

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Malicious tampering; we know the term, but do any of us really think it could happen to our business? It happens more than you might think and for as many different crazy reasons as there are people

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It should not be a surprise to anyone reading this that spices are high-risk ingredients.  Over the years we have seen numerous outbreaks and recalls linked to spices. Sometimes the issues are related to pathogens, especially Salmonella. But

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Last week, President Obama proposed a FY 2017 budget which requested an increase of $25.3 million of new budget authority for FSMA. With five of the seven final rules having been issued in 2015, and the final