Reputational Risk

There was a time when negative incidents involving food or beverage products tended to be isolated to a very regional audience, but that era no longer exists. Why? Our food travels around the globe, and so do the stories about food safety issues.

Now, stories of companies that don’t take food safety issues seriously are shared instantly across social networks, and sharing is virtually frictionless. It takes only the click of a ‘like’ button to repeat news of a contamination across yet another social media platform growing from nationwide to worldwide news instantaneously.

TAG can help secure your brand reputation through the following solutions:

  • Tracking social media trends for your brand/company
  • Learning what consumers are saying about you
  • Assisting you to stay better informed of the changes in  food safety and social media risks
  • Developing key messages and programs to inform your consumers
  • Adding credibility to your food safety systems
  • Identify avenues to create good relations with regulators


Follow these guidelines and you’ll have more ‘likes’ than you can count on your social media profile.


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