Operational Risk

To reduce vulnerability and ensure continuity in at any point in the food chain whether it be a farm, manufacturer, distributor, food service or retail it is vital to implement strategies for managing both every day, and exceptional risks along the supply chain and as well as internally.  This is best accomplished through continuous risk assessments, effective operational plans and preparation.

The Acheson Group (TAG) works with companies to design and help implement comprehensive food safety systems.

TAG can evaluate and develop cost-conscious solutions to mitigate your risk in the following ways:

  • Supply chain risk evaluation
    • Assess risk of incoming products and suppliers and develop management strategies
    • Raw material specification criteria review
    • Raw material facility management review (storage and handling, etc.)
  • Internal operation
    • Design and help implement comprehensive food safety systems
    • Documentation review, desk audits and/or onsite evaluation
    • Sanitation and environmental monitoring testing plan development and data analysis
    • Finished product testing plan development
    • Food safety system review
      • GFSI related documents
      • HACCP document review and training
      • FDA and USDA requirements
    • Traceability assessments, system design, and training/ simulations
    • Customer complaint handling
    • Food defense vulnerability assessments and  food defense plans
  • Crisis and recall preparedness
    • Recall plan assessment/  gap analysis and plan development
    • Recall training and simulations (end-to end interactive recall plan test)

While TAG helps food companies build strategies and programs to avoid food safety issues, we also believe that developing a plan in advance for a recall crisis is critical. TAG will assess your current recall preparedness and if necessary work with you to create a recall plan assessment/ gap analysis that takes a facility step-by-step through the “must-do” in a product recall. Recall preparedness is about more than isolating the product- it’s about managing a crisis and protecting your business.